Danny Sullivan VS Shoemoney, The Battle of the Pink Boxing Gloves

January 23rd, 2008 | Read 3 Comments » | By Allan Stewart

Well, last night was the climax to the whole Shoemoney “slating off the seo industry” issue. Danny Sullivan representing the Search Engine Optimisation Industry was live on the popular Webmaster Radio show squaring up against the affiliate marketing flame baiter Shoemoney. So… Who won the flight?

Danny Sullivan VS Shoemoney

For those of you who have been living on the moon for the past two weeks the well known affiliate marketer recently wrote an extremely inflammatory post comparing seo’s to car sales men and outlining exactly why it was that he disliked 95% of so called seo experts. As you can well imagine, in response to this article Shoemoney received a whole barrage of comments most of which telling him that they didn’t really appreciate his ill thought out post. Shoemoney, as always, didn’t shrink back and apologise, quite the opposite in fact, he put an open post on his blog inviting anyone that he had offended to leave him their phone number so that he could get them live on the show to debate with him.

I, of course, being the defensive seo type leaped at the chance and sent him my mobile number. Nearer to the time of the show, it turns out that Danny Sullivan, in fact, was chosen to represent the industry. No better choice I would say. Trouble is, everyone was expecting Danny to defend us all and for Shoe to really fight his corner. In the end however it turned out to be hugelly disappointed and whilst Danny did defend the seo industry, he didn't really go wild on Shoemoney like I think a lot of us were hoping he would! Danny, I thought did made some good points, but he really started off on a backwards step. He is just too nice of a guy. Shoe, I thought, sounded nervous and given this I am guessing that many seo’s, if given the chance, would have gone for the jugular.

I have a few questions to Shoemoney (which he still hasn't bothered to answer)?

  1. Why ask for people’s phone numbers and then not call them? I am now worried I am going to get ring tones sent to me on a prolific scale.
  2. What is wrong with carsales men? They work hard like most of us.
  3. How can you slam a whole industry as slimy and useless? There are plenty of seo’s out there who actually do work bloody hard for their clients and get very good results. Generalisation is one step away from prejudice.

I have got to say this whole thing strikes me a bit as an old boys club, but then again, maybe I am just being a conspiracist.

Oh and thanks to rustybrick for some very entertaining ASCII art.

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3 Responses to “Danny Sullivan VS Shoemoney, The Battle of the Pink Boxing Gloves”

  1. Nice recap. I didn't have time to check this show out. I was busy watching paint dry, so your summary really comes in handy ;)

  2. This is verry cool thanks.

  3. Ed says:

    Shoe is right, except he should have included internet marketers as car salesmen also. If they all quit tomorrow, the interent would be infinitely more useful.

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