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September 1st, 2008 | Read 35 Comments » | By David Fairhurst

Following on from our UK seo Personalities line up post in February, we thought we would now get round to updating the post with all your comments and suggestions... here goes, and sorry it has taken so long!

  • David Naylor - Director - Bronco

    David Naylor seoWell what can I say!? Everyone knows him but perhaps better by his alter ego DaveN. Hes probably the biggest personality in the UK seo Industry. I have met David several times, he is a very nice chap. I read and comment on his blog regularly. Dave is an affiliate marketing bloke, runs a web design agency called Bronco and is a frequent contributer on many forums. He is well know for his direct personality, oh and I think he knows Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den. Lucky him!

  • Tim Nash - Venture Skills

    Tim Nash seoVery funny and satirical writer. Not sure he realises he is satirical but none the less his posts tend to be bloody funny. Tim runs Venture Skills, a SERP control & reputation management company, plus he does the odd bit of seo training as well. Tim likes to "sneak into universities and try to corrupt the innocent" apparently... not sure what that means, but it sounds like good clean fun to me ;)

  • Shaun Anderson - Director - Hobo Web

    Shaun Anderson seoAllan has known of Shaun and Hobo for years, but until recently they were little known. Their business and website appears to be making big waves in the Search industry and its very nice to see a small and hard working Scottish seo company go far. Oyster Web did the same. Us to, FireflySEO formally Firefly I.T. were from Scotland! You can take our country but you can never take our Freeeeee Search. Sorry that was really bad!!

  • Edward Cowell - Digital Marketing Director - Guava

    Edward Cowell seoFormer Technical director at Neutralize, a company who Allan has had dealings with on several occasions whilst working with Pulse and always found to have a very good, straightforward and having a creative approach to search. Allan was very impressed with Neutralize, particularly their PPC campaign model. Neutralize are now known as Guava, a full service agency of which Edward is the Digital marketing Director.

  • Warren Cowan - CEO - Green Light

    Warren Cowan seoWell, good old Warren, he’s been knocking about Search for a number of years now. Allegedly he used to work at WebOptimiser, over in the City of London, before starting up his own company Green Light. Warren has a nice way about him and a great knowledge of search, particularly for corporates.

    Warren gets around a bit, regularly speaking at Ad:tech and Search Engine Strategies in London and many other seo related conferences

  • Craig Mytton - Search Group Head - Cheeze

    Craig Mytton seoAllan met Craig at the Online Marketing Show 2007 in London Business Design Centre, a very-good show by the way! Apparently Chatted to him for a while about Web 2.0 and PPC. Again, seems to know his stuff, but they are BIG time expensive. I think their business is focused on the corporate markets, which would explain why they have plush offices in that there centre of busyness and fun that is London.

  • Allan Stewart - Pulse

    Allan Stewart seoFormer partner of FireflySEO, Allan helped to start the company way back in 2001 whilst still at Stirling University. Allan now heads the seo efforts for a large medical recruitment company, having previously worked in online gambling for one of the UK's leading companies in that area, massively improving returns in their online efforts. Allan spends his time in between hours at the PC completely wrecking finely tuned race engines whenever the chance presents itself (don't let this man borrow your car!) and jetting off on ski holidays (he used to be an instructor in Whistler, BC no less!) Seriously, the hardest working bloke in the Universe, bar none, and a great friend of mine. Allan really wants to rank for seo UK at the minute. LOL. That will probably change next month but might as well give it a bit of internal linking.

  • Paul Steven - NorthSouthMedia

    Paul S seoPaul runs NorthSouthMedia up in Ayrshire, Scotland. Paul seems to think like me about seo, and writes a mean blog! Paul had the great idea of running a competition on his blog for any seo company to get top ten placement for a variety of terms.. not sure what this accomplishes but I'm sure it gets NorthSouthMedia lots of backlinks and makes for an interesting read! His article on seo superheroes was highly amusing... I'm still wishing I didn't move back down from Scotland... the lack of fresh air and clean water in and around London is just not funny!

  • Lyndon Antcliff - Cornwall seo

    Lyndon Antcliff seoLyndon (like many of us) is getting, by the sounds of it, a little fed up with being called an seo expert, probably because of all the negative publicity caused by scam merchants popping onto the scene, so now says "I no longer call myself an seo and have not done for a long time, (if I ever was one) and I now the pursue the path of viral content creator". I've not met Lyndon myself, but from all the comments from the last post we did all you lovely people out there seem to like his witty approach on life, so that's as good a vote as any in our book! Lyndon seems to know a thing or three about Linkbaiting and has been quoted in the Sunday Times no less!

  • Glen Allsopp - Viperchill

    Glen Allsopp seoDon't know if Glen qualifies as a UK seo anymore as he now lives in South Africa apparently, but it's obvious from reading his blog that he knows what he is talking about where social networks are concerned. Glen has worked for some pretty impressively big companies in his time, including that giant of automotive boxyness Nissan. Good that Glen got into the seo scene at such an early age (I only managed it in my mid thirties cos I was too busy enjoying myself!), and good on him for getting so far in such a short space of time!

  • Tom Critchlow - Distilled

    Tom Critchlow seoI enjoy reading Tom's blog posts... he digs up some very leftfield but neverthless interesting ideas from blog posts around the web, the sort of things that make you say.. Eureka! It's clear that Tom has an analytical mind (I suppose doing maths and stats at Uni does that to you!) and it really comes through in the blog. Tom works with his brother Will at Distilled in the city of London, with a whole host of other like minded individuals who look like (from their smiling faces on their team page) they actually enjoy seo... or was that a picture from University guys?

  • Lisa Ditlefsen - seo Chicks

    Lisa Ditlefsen seoWe've not met any of the seo Chicks crew, but they look like a lot of fun as well as knowing what they are talking about. Lisa currently works for BaseOne Interactive as head of search. LisaD as she is more commonly known, is now engaged to Jon Myers (formerly of Latitude we believe), and we wish them all the best.

    Lisa got voted as 'best looking seo' last year on David Naylors blog by the seo community, well deserved I'm sure.

    FireflySEO will be running (if I have anything to do with it) a 'weirdest looking seo in a Dracula costume', for which I have some very... er... interesting pictures of a Mr.Allan Stewart...

  • Ciaran Norris - AltogetherDigital

    Ciaran Norris seoCiaran was mentioned in our last post comments in February, but being a bit of a donkey I forgot to include him into the updated list, so here goes...Ciaran works for AltogetherDigital, a full service agency in that lovely City of London. Having got into the game in 2000, Ciaran has worked on some pretty impressive contracts for companies such as Vonage and Brylcreem. I've just read some of Ciaran's blog and it's a riot... I especially liked the post lampooning Julie Moult of the Daily Mail... very amusing! Not sure we would bother to increase a Daily Mail employees profile by posting images on our own website though... as they say in the business 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'...

  • Andrew Girdwood - BigMouthMedia

    andrew girwood seoSelf confessed geek Andrew works for those stalwarts of the seo community Big Mouth Media in their Edinburgh offices we believe. Andrew wears his hair long - probably because he's too busy working for the biggest independant marketing agency on the planet to bother with trivialities like fashion, and hey, why not! Anyone who knows me will know that overexuberance of hair is one of my past looks...

    Andrew, in true fashion of one who takes his job seriously writes a lot of technical articles and is a prolific blogger

  • Jon Myers - MediaVest

    Jon Myers seoJon works for Manchester based MediaVest, having previously worked for Latitude. Has been in and around search since the rocks cooled on earth, so knows just about everything there is to know about seo and SEM, speaking regularly at expo's and conferences around the planet. Jon is engaged to LisaD, another seo in our list above and founder of seo Chicks.



  • Rob Kerry - EvilGreenMonkey

    Rob Kerry seoWith a company name like Evil Green Monkey we just HAD to put Rob in our list...Rob is a face at many conferences at home and abroad and has just lauched a new business Amiya Search Marketing. Rob is also moderator on a number of forms, he is a moderator on sphinn and he writes his own blog.

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35 Responses to “UK SEO Professionals”

  1. Tom says:


    But seriously - thanks for including me on the list, I'm honoured to be included in such distinguished company :-)

    Also - I'd like to nominate Ciaran for this list, I think he definitely deserves to be on there.

  2. Pete says:

    Know there pretty obvious but seem to be a number of obvious candidates you have forgotten such as Andrew Girdwood (Bigmouth - yes a bit of a SEO geek - by his own admisson - but very sound technically), Jon Myers (yes that Jon Myers ex of Latitude - and now engaged to Lisa D), and less obvious ones such as Ciaran Norris.

  3. Tom: No problem, you were nominated last time by your brother I believe. Ciaran has been mentioned a couple of times, so he will be in the updated list.

    Pete: Yep they are pretty obvious... silly me - I'll get onto it.

  4. I am on the other side of the pond but I am glad to see that SEO Geeks look the same no matter what part of the world you are in.

  5. Wayne: Yep sad but true. I used to be good looking before I got into open source coding all those years ago...

  6. Ciarán says:

    Wow - colour me flattered! Thanks so much for including me (and thanks to Tom for suggesting me - I owe you a sparkling mineral water!)


  7. Ciarán says:

    Oh, and whilst we're at it can I suggest Mike Grehan (an obvious choice), Steve Johnston and, perhaps less obviously, Tor Crockatt.

  8. Wait, I nominated Tom? Shoulda been nominating myself ;)

  9. Rob Ousbey says:

    No, that really is a photo of Tom, Will and the rest of us at Distilled.

    We all march into work together in the mornings like that, with accompanying music alternating between 'Eye of the Tiger' and the 'Rocky' theme.

  10. Ciaran: No probs - you are obviously well liked in the community! I'll add more SEO bods when I get a chance.

    Will: I believe you wanted 'some sort of critchlow entity' on the updated post... it was a toss-up I'm afraid using a playing card and a bottle of Tomatin whisky to decide who was going to go on the page. Unfortunately for you the card came Joker side up so Tom it was... Working at Distilled sounds fun... despite the dubious taste in music!

  11. Great post, always good to see the brits getting mentioned. Others well worth considering, in my opinion, would be Patrick Altoft, Dixon Jones, Kelvin Newman and Simon Heseltine.

  12. Hi Dave,

    Cool. Good to see this post live at last. I know all the work you have put into it. Mike Grehan is definatly got to be on the list. Big facilitator at SES London 2008 and really quite an animated / amusing charachter. Also Jon Myers ex of Latitude is a good call, he's a big guy in search and I think moved to another big player recently. Responses showing that we have a a few more people to add :)

    Look at the Ad tech and A4U Speakers profiles, there are a few extra UK SEO Professionals in there.

  13. Kevin: Yep looks like updating this post will become a full time job for me! Version 3.o coming out soon!

    Allan: Jon Myers is already on there... hope your hols are going well. In the UK it seems that winter has arrived already! Sheesh!

  14. Nick Wilsdon says:

    I'd also nominate Ammon John at Fresh Egg and looking at Will's comment maybe I should nominate myself too. If Glen's on the list as an British ex-pat then that raises my chances being in Russia ;)

  15. Doug Heil says:

    geezee; I'm not a Brit, but I certainly know this list is VERY slim. My goodness; you left out most of the top TRUE SEO's over the pond. I mean SEO's who have been at it for at least 8 years, and some more than that. This list is mostly made up of social media types. I said "mostly". I guess SM is SEO as well, right? I personally don't call some of those people SEO's at all.

    It's bad stuff to leave off some of the names you did.

  16. Lord Manley says:

    BMM and Greenlight, but No LBi?

    Can i recommend Chris Dugdale?

  17. Doug: I personally know a lot of SEO's who aren't on the list - Peter and Chance Hougan for instance (Oyster Web) and Jeff Goodwin (Internet Marketing Scotland) have been in the game for many years but aren't on here... and Peter especially should be as he taught me all those years ago!

    Social media is the way forward for SEO, but that's only because those bods at Google keep changing the rules - do a google search for anything and you'll see most of the first page taken up with blogs, forums and YouTube references... Can't say I like it much either but that's the way it is.

    As I've said before, this list is a work in progress and we'll do version 3.0 when we have time - if you think someone deserves a mention then let us know. We've been putting people up that we know, have met or have heard good things about...

    Lord Manley: (great name by the way!)... Yes I've heard of Chris. We'll be doing the updated list soon.

  18. Pinje says:

    What about Steve Johnston (the Dragons Den bloke) or Peter Young from Mediavest?

  19. Doug Heil says:

    David wrote:
    "Social media is the way forward for SEO, but that’s only because those bods at Google keep changing the rules - do a google search for anything and you’ll see most of the first page taken up with blogs, forums and YouTube references"

    Really? .. not from where I am sitting. I don't know what kind of searches you are performing, but I have quite a few sites on page one, and they are not from forums, blogs or youtube. :-)

    Also; I thought I knew most of the "true" SEO's, but I haven't heard of many names in this thread at all.

    How about Alan Perkins? Yep. That name is totally absent from all posts I have read. He's only the best UK SEO anywhere, and has more time spent in this industry than many others put together. Not that this is a pre-requisite or anything, but he has also spoke at "many" conferences over the years.

    I won't go on with this, but please know I could. :)

  20. Pinje: Yep we'll include all in our next iteration.

    Doug: Oh dear, we seemed to have rattled your cage somewhat... apologies for that. We also have quite a number of sites on page one in Google (or else we'd be out of business!), but you have to admit that social media sites punch way above their weight now, and as the saying goes 'adapt or die'...
    As I have said many times, the list is a work in progress... I'll let Allan do the next iteration so you can redirect your wrath against him! ;)

  21. Great roundup. I like the personality in the post.

    Ciaran and Tom are great people.

    I'm surprised only to see ONE female but hey, it happens. :)

  22. Doug Heil says:

    You didn't rattle my cage at all. You would know if I was upset... believe me. LOL

    Like I stated before; I'm not a Brit. I'm living in Ohio right now and have never lived outside the US. What you all use as a SEO list is of no consequence to me at all. I really do not care. I just think a big disclaimer should be made above all these type of blog posts. The authors of these type of posts only name people they actually know or are out there in the inner circles of social media sites. Do you realize that MOST of the very best SEO's do not post anywhere? Nor do they tout themselves or brag about themselves either. They don't have to. Many do not run around to places like sphinn, tweeter, stumble, twat, twit, or sphamm. Why? They don't have to. They also don't believe in the mentality that SEO is all about links and gaming places like Twitter to acquire incoming links. The smart ones knew a long time ago that all the social media loopholes would be filled soon enough..... and they are.

    Most people in your first list are social media people. They are not SEO's. That's just a fact. As many have said in other places referencing this post; good SEO's out there were left off this list. And like I stated; I'm not a brit and I know of tons of the very best out there who are not on this list.

    In the future you need a disclaimer stating the list is just a list of friends. :)

  23. Joshua: Seems from Doug Heil's comments that I've missed out a lot of deserving SEO bods, and I know for sure there are a lot more women SEO's out there in the UK.

    Doug: I get what you are saying...I really do. I do open source coding myself, writing search engine friendly web applications and don't normally like to expose my thoughts, preferring to just let the whole 'web 2.0'circus (or whatever it's called this week) get on with it without me. Believe me... I do think that page structure and quality of content is everything for website design. I'd rather get a natural link to one of my sites than a hundred from other more dubious sources!

    Life would be considerably quieter and more relaxing if I didn't have to publish my thoughts on the web for everyone to see, that's for damn sure!

    I do believe however that technology moves on, and you can't really ignore social networking (even if you want to), and that people you consider as not being "true SEO's" are just a development based on new technology... let's face it, most people would rather use a webcam enabled VOIP program than have to go back to using teletype!

    All of the people on our list so far have shown enough ingenuity to run successful businesses or use their skills to land highly paid jobs, and that really does speak for itself.

    Yes there are (A LOT) of ommisions in our list, but as you said, most of the best SEO's don't like to promote themselves... so how exactly are we supposed to get information about them to put them on the list?! Well... we thought putting a very thin list up on Sphinn would be a good idea to get comments from people such as yourself, so that we could expand our knowledge of the Industry in the UK... I know it's a bit of a cheat... but it has worked fine for good old Micro$oft all these years (with their premature software releases) so we thought we would give it a go. We are very aware that there are SEO's out there that have been in the business much longer than we have. Hope that explains things!

  24. Doug Heil says:

    hmm David; that's a damn good post. Thank you!

    I totally agree that the people on your list right now are good at what they do. I also know that some of them actually do SEO and not just SM. I think you got what my point is, that many left off only do SEO so are not in the public making comments, etc.

    How do you find these SEO's? What you are doing is the way to go. I still think you need a disclaimer at the very start, explaining that you need more names. Here is info about Alan Perkins:

    Don't think for a sec that I am referencing someone who I communicate with all the time. I haven't communicated with Alan in a few years now. I just cannot see this type of list without his name on it.

    Thanks for your last post David. :)

  25. Doug: Thanks for the info - Alan will be on the updated list when we get round to compiling the (huge!) amount of data we now have on UK SEO's... this may take a while... :) Our next iteration of this post will have some kind of disclaimer as suggested. I enjoyed our round of 'comment tennis' - nice to hear the opinions of a seasoned SEO from the 'states...

  26. Hi David

    Just to let you know that Pete Hoggan sold Oyster Web to John Hughes of Indicium Web Design about 4 years ago. Last I heard of Pete he was in Spain and running Design Insite from there. Not sure if Chance is with him or if he's at the Glasgow end. One of our programmers sometimes hears from them so I could ask him if you're interested.

    Shameless plug. John and I met while we were both at BMM in 2002. I do most of the client SEO at Oyster these days while John manages the business and builds the web development side. Sometime soon we'll be rebranding the two sides into Indicium Web and the Oyster Web name will disappear.

  27. Hi Bill,

    Yep I last spoke to Pete last year after he got back from the USA and before he flew out to Spain (he was working in collaboration with Jeff Goodwin at Internet Marketing Scotland then, as well as running Design Insite). I believe Chance is out in Spain with Peter... next time he pops up on Messenger I'll have to ask what he is upto!

    I'd heard that Oyster Web were rebranding - good that you're still going strong after all these years up in bonny Scotland!

  28. Ammon Johns says:

    There's certainly a lot more names to come than are so far included.

    Mike Grehan being one of the foremost UK SEOs with international fame, and having worked with some of the very biggest and most established brands in the game (including iProspect and Bruce Clay). Before Rand Fishkin had started blogging, Mike Grehan's name was second only to Danny Sullivan in the industry to most.

    Barry Lloyd of MakeMeTop is another of the old-school kings, and was the first SEO to break away from the most basic pricing models to create an innovative pay-for-performance model that still makes me chuckle today.

  29. Cheers David, yes give him our regards. Given the state of the British summer this year I reckon he made a good choice going to Spain!

  30. Bill,

    Yeah dude I’m here in Spain... great place... bars never shut... Need to stay sober this week to find some links... thinking about heading somewhere more tropical. :)

    It's Hoggan and not huogan or whatever you mentioned above haha

  31. Hey Chance,

    You do get around don't you! Glad the World tour is going well... bet you don't miss Falkirk!


  32. Actually, I miss a good British curry... be back in Jan for 7 days.

  33. Chance.

    Give us a ping, twitter, what the trend is when you get back to the UK. I am sure both David and I would like to catch up with you over a pint.

    Hope life is treating you well.

    Dave: We really need to update this list mate!!!! Might be worth making into a directory (SYEAHHHH Like we have the time for that)

  34. mike says:

    Chance you still owe me a pint - you coming back for your wee bros impending wean?

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