Hotel Booking System

Please note that this is legacy software, we don't support this in any way. If you are having problems then check firstly that you have set register globals to 'on'.

With extensive experience in developing systems for the hotel and hospitality trade FireflySEO are uniquely positioned to deal with all your online booking system needs. FireflySEO are also experts in Hotel seo and Online Marketing services.

Firefly "Sure Book" Hotel Booking System

What can this booking system do for your hotel?

  1. On-line booking: Easy and manageable on-line booking for your hotel.
  2. Retrieval of bookings: All bookings are easily retrievable from the admin a area.
  3. Added extras: You can specify extras to sell when your guests are booking.
  4. Control: You have total control over room bookings, availability, prices, discounts and supplements.
  5. Enquiries: Never lose an enquiry again. All enquiries are logged and customer details stored.
  6. Direct mail, and e-mail marketing: With a built in e-mail marketing tool you are sure to increase your bookings.
  7. Booking terms: You control your own booking terms.

Free Hotel Booking System

Yes, thats correct. Like all of our pre-coded software here at FireflySEO you can download it for free. FireflySEO do not beleive in software patents and therefore allow you to have a copy of our developments for free. How do we make any money you may ask. Well basically we charge you for setup, our time and customisation.

Hotel Booking System Demo

If you are interested in seeing an example of our online booking system please feel free to contact us and we will set you yp with access to a demo account.

Hotel Booking System Enquiries

If you would like more information about our hotel booking system then please feel free to call us now on 0845 094 1876 or fill out our enquiry form.


Firefly Sure Book is currently in version 1.0

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